NEW: cablabel® S3

cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Karlsruhe, Germany announces the release of the in-house development cablabel® S3. Our goal is to concentrate the label design, print control and monitoring of all cab marking systems into one software package. The software will also be in sync with future developments of new devices and features.

cablabel® S3 features the full potential of the cab devices like no other available software: the software utilizes the JScript code to the full extent. cablabel® S3 Pro can imports existing JScript files, so you can switch over from R2+ seamlessly. With the new layer technology the user designs a label which works for all established devices and resolutions. The intelligent print control evaluates the device and label parameters to reduce possible sources of error.

cablabel® S3 also maximizes the integration of database connections via Database Connector. After designing the label, the software provides all files to be stored within the printer for data base connections. The software also supports the stand-alone feature as well using the same method. In Addition the software creates interfaces which are easy to handle for the connection to SAP or other peripheral devices like SPC, scales and bar code testers.

Every company designs and formats their label differently. For example, label creation and production are executed by different employees. To adopt the software package to your needs, cab offers different software packages.

cablabel® S3 Lite is offered free of costs with every cab printer and allows you to create and print labels. With cost-saving cablabel® S3 Pro you create label designs for technical solutions.

cablabel® S3 Viewer shows the preview of a label in the Windows Explorer and is delivered free of costs with every cablabel® S3. The Viewer may support you for showing examples during the approval processes or supplier requirements.

cablabel® S3 Print is provided for users in production or warehouse. The user interface is simplified and makes only those functions available which are required for label printing: You select the label in a list and get the layout for visual control. Then you enter the variable information and the amount you want to print. This simplifies your work and reduces possible sources of error.

Other products like cablabel® S3 Demo, Pro Laser, Print Laser und Print Server are in preparation.

For optimal benefit and an effective sharing of knowledge, cab offers updated information and support on this website. We look forward to your feedback!