Marking allergens according to EU regulations

The new EU regulation 1169/2011 for food labeling will become effective on December 13. For more information please see the web site of the European Union.

The regulation focuses especially on allergens. These have to be highlighted in the list of a product’s ingredients and substances – for example in bold, italic or colored.

cablabel S3 Screenshot

cablabel S3 Pro offers the possibility to determine “key words” and assign a certain markup to them. While loading the ingredients list from a data base into your label, the software checks these terms according to your list of allergens and marks them as defined by your settings.

Particularly useful: The whole list of ingredients can be implemented as continuous text in a text module. If you assign a certain row width to your label, cablabel S3 Pro adjusts the list of ingredients automatically – including syllabication!

To use this feature you need cablabel S3 Pro version Please notice: to update the program you need to activate the software once more. This additional activation is for free.