How to customize the human readable text of a barcode?

The human readable text is usually placed under the barcode, in order to reveal us its content in a readable way. It is an integral part of the barcode and adapts automatically according to the dimensions defined for the object in the designer of cablabel S3. It is therefore not possible to move or configure this human readable text directly.

Here is how you can separate and customize the human readable text of a barcode:

1. Disable first the human readable text in the barcode properties.

Barcode properties

2. Then create a new text object, having as datasource the barcode. This text object is now linked to the barcode and automatically takes its value.

Text datasource

3. Finally move or configure this new text in the label as you wish.

New text object

To go further, it is also possible to reverse the roles of the barcode and the text object. Namely, to select this time the text object as datasource of the barcode. This allows especially to have a single datasource in common for all the barcodes of this label, thus avoiding the individual modification of the value in the properties of each barcode.

Barcode datasource

Attention: in this second case, the value entered in the text object must comply with the capabilities of the barcode. Otherwise it may cause errors in cablabel S3 or on the printer, because the barcode may not be displayed on the screen or printed on the label.

Download example files for cablabel S3 Lite and Pro: