RFID labels

The version of cablabel S3 Pro provides all the functionality needed to support the RFID printers and labels. Here is an overview of the new possibilities described in the Operator’s manual of software.

  1. RFID options

This new tab specific to RFID devices, allows especially to configure the read / write position and power, as well as to specify the access password when the RFID labels are protected.

Options of the RFID devices
  1. RFID data (read)

This new datasources allow to read the data of an RFID label, which can be located in the TID memory, the EPC memory and the User memory. And as with the other available datasources, they can be used in the different objects of the designer.

RFID datasources (read)
  1. RFID wizard

This new plugin allows to configure the writing of EPC memory, as well as to configure the reading and writing of user memory.
It is also possible to set an access password to protect the RFID labels and to specify the lock level of the different memories.

RFID wizard

Notice: in order to benefit from the features provided by the addition of this new plugin, a reactivation of the software is required after its update.