How to correctly set the layout of my label? (Part 1)

The size

Let’s see some tips, to find more easily the size of a label and especially to avoid mixing the measures.

Label Creator WizardThe easiest way is, to use the information given in the label designation, or if applicable on the packaging and inside the roll.
The first number corresponds to the width and the second to the height.

Label formatThereby, with a:

  • Format 60×40 mm ⇒ width = 60 mm and height = 40 mm
  • Format 100×150 mm ⇒ width = 100 mm and height = 150 mm

You can also directly measure the size of the label. But in this case, you must be careful to correctly identify the width.

Printing width
Label width
compared to
Printing width
compared to
Label roll width
Label roll

The height coincides then with the label feed, in the printing direction or in the unwinding direction of label roll. The size of the label is therefore independent of its orientation and also of the reading direction!

Click on the following link, to see some examples of measurements: