Install and configure a printer connected to the network

You will use cablabel S3 with a cab printer connected to the network?

To connect the printer, you need first to:

  1. Connect the cab printer to the network with a not provided Ethernet cable or if appropriate by Wi-Fi.
  2. After that restart the printer.
  3. And search in the « Short status » menu, the information about the IPv4 address corresponding to your used connection type.

Short status information

Attention: for the assignment or reservation of an IP address, please contact your system administrator.

To configure cablabel S3 you need to:

  1. First, install or update your cablabel S3 version.
  2. After that add a new device corresponding to your model.
  3. Then select the « TCP » port type and fill in the IP address previously collected on the printer.

Port settings

Notice: the installation of the Windows driver is only necessary for the MACH1 and MACH2 printers, or if you want to use a cab printer from the network with any other software.

For more information or for an installation of the Windows driver, download the detailed guide: