cablabel S3 Lite or cablabel S3 Pro?

You want to create your labels with cablabel S3, but you don’t know which version to choose?

In order to help you to make this decision based on your needs, here is a summary of the main differences and exclusive possibilities:

cablabel S3 Lite cablabel S3 Pro
Delivered with every printer License per computer on request
Compatible with
cab printers only
Supports all printers
detected and installed on Windows
Multiline texts Additional text options:
max width and hyphenation
Text box with various markups
by keyword detection (e.g. allergens)
Character map wizard
for inserting special characters
Raster graphics only
of type bmp, jpg, tif, …
Also vector graphics
of type dxf, plt, svg, …
About 30 types of barcodes
linear, 2D, GS1 and composite
About 35 types of barcodes
including the EAN 18/128 variants
Barcode wizard for creating
GS1/EAN /UCC-128, FACT/MH10 and QR
Barcode verifier option
Prompt fields with free entry Additional prompt field options:
input mask and choice list
Wizard for creating
compound prompts
Counters basic of type
numeric and increment +/-1
Counters advanced of types
alphanumeric and increment +/-n
Additional counter options:
frequency, resetting
and saving of the value
Date and time including offsets
and wizards for creating the format
Formula: mathematical operations,
manipulate strings, etc.
ABC basic compiler
with code library
Variables: data sources with
information about the label,
the printer, the computer, etc.
Connection to:
Access, Excel files,
OLE DB, ODBC, ASCII databases,
Database Connector in stand alone mode,
SQLite in stand alone mode
JScript code viewer
for an overview on the fly
Import of JScript files in LBL format
Saving only in
STC format
Also export to
PDF format and PNG image

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