Counter with a start value from a datasource

When designing my label, I created a counter and set a starting value.
But how can I change this value dynamically, without having to edit each time the properties of my counter?

In order to perform this easily in standalone mode, you need:

  1. To create a prompt field asking the start value.
  2. To insert a basic counter of numeric type.
  3. Then to add together both values with a formula.

Counter with a dynamic start value

And to go further, here is a more complex design in formular mode with:

  • a decremental counter.
  • a dynamic formatting in relation to the number of digits entered.
  • an automatic reset of the counter, when the current value reaches 1.

Decremental counter

Attention: if an operation of the “Math” category is calculated directly on the printer (for example using operands from a datasource), the result is printed by default with 2 digits after the comma.
To change this behaviour, you have as in these cases, to add a “Formatting” operation.

Download example files for cablabel S3 Pro: