Text tags

When designing a label in cablabel S3, the different properties of a text (bold, italic…) are applied to the entire content of the object.

With the Pro and Print version, the keywords plugin allows to highlight automatically specific words in a sentence or text, as for example for the allergens.

Since the version of the software, you can now use text tags.
Based on the principle of HTML language, this new feature provides the ability to change manually the formatting of a text part.

Text tags

Moreover, you can also insert these tags in other editable fields, such as the prefix or the suffix of a text, the operations of a formula, or even directly into your database.
The software will then interpret them and display the result of the formatting on the screen, as it will later be printed on the label.

The whole list of the text tags is available in the Operator’s manual of software (PDF, 5 MB).

Download example file for cablabel S3 Lite and Pro: