How many characters could I encode in a DataMatrix?

The maximum capacity of a DataMatrix is defined according to the standard by:

  • the symbol size: number of rows and columns of dots
  • the data type: numeric or alphanumeric

A square symbol size of 16×16, can maximally hold either 24 numeric characters or 16 alphanumeric characters.

DataMatrix Layout

The real dimensions of DataMatrix are calculated according to:

  • the size of a single dot, relative to number of rows and columns.

For example, taking a dot size of 0.5 mm with a rectangle symbol of 16×36, its resulting dimension on printing is about 8×18 mm.
This allows reducing the real dimensions of a barcode, without altering the maximum capacity!

Attention: the dot size and narrow element settings, available in the properties of 2D or linear barcodes, are depending on the resolution of the target printer.

In order not to be surprised by an automatic scaling of the dimensions on printing, it is recommend to define the layer to the resolution of used printer, before the creation of any kind of barcode.

Download example files for cablabel S3 Lite: