How to correctly set the layout of my label? (part 2)

The gap

Another property to check in the layout is the “gap”, even if the default value of 3 mm is suitable for most of the labels.

This dimension corresponds to the distance between the labels, and is also measured in the printing direction or in the unwinding direction of the label roll.

Label Creator WizardThereby, the gap added to the label height, determines the total height of the page and therefore also the minimum material feed during printing.

In case of using a material with a gap, you have therefore to be careful that the value indicated in the layout is simply lower or equal to the value measured between the labels:

Label roll

This avoids some detection problems by the label sensor of printer and especially the emergence of non-printed labels.

And in case of using a continuous material, you are free to set a gap value:

  • for example to print the labels one after the other.
  • or to intentionally leave more space between each label.
Continuous printing 1
Continuous printing 1

Error message “ACE OLEDB” when connecting to an Excel or Access file

When you try to connect with cablabel S3 Pro to an Excel or Access file, created with the version 2007 or later, and you get the following error message:

Error Message

Then it is necessary to download and install the 32-bit version of the OLE DB provider “Access Database Engine” from the following Microsoft website:

Notice: if the setup of Access Database Engine warns you that a 64-bit version of Microsoft Office is already installed, you must start it manually by the command prompt “cmd”, from the file location and also with the parameter “/quiet” behind the file name.

Command Promt

How to correctly set the layout of my label? (Part 1)

The size

Let’s see some tips, to find more easily the size of a label and especially to avoid mixing the measures.

Label Creator WizardThe easiest way is, to use the information given in the label designation, or if applicable on the packaging and inside the roll.
The first number corresponds to the width and the second to the height.

Label formatThereby, with a:

  • Format 60×40 mm ⇒ width = 60 mm and height = 40 mm
  • Format 100×150 mm ⇒ width = 100 mm and height = 150 mm

You can also directly measure the size of the label. But in this case, you must be careful to correctly identify the width.

Printing width
Label width
compared to
Printing width
compared to
Label roll width
Label roll

The height coincides then with the label feed, in the printing direction or in the unwinding direction of label roll. The size of the label is therefore independent of its orientation and also of the reading direction!

Click on the following link, to see some examples of measurements:

Install and configure a printer connected to the network

You will use cablabel S3 with a cab printer connected to the network?

To connect the printer, you need first to:

  1. Connect the cab printer to the network with a not provided Ethernet cable or if appropriate by Wi-Fi.
  2. After that restart the printer.
  3. And search in the « Short status » menu, the information about the IPv4 address corresponding to your used connection type.

Short status information

Attention: for the assignment or reservation of an IP address, please contact your system administrator.

To configure cablabel S3 you need to:

  1. First, install or update your cablabel S3 version.
  2. After that add a new device corresponding to your model.
  3. Then select the « TCP » port type and fill in the IP address previously collected on the printer.

Port settings

Notice: the installation of the Windows driver is only necessary for the MACH1 and MACH2 printers, or if you want to use a cab printer from the network with any other software.

For more information or for an installation of the Windows driver, download the detailed guide:

Reset a label’s serial number on the memory card

You want to store a label with a serial number on the memory card of your cab printer? And for example in case of a date change, automatically reset the serial number?

Therefore, offers cablabel S3 Pro since version the new type of formulas “Standalone files”.

With these, it is possible to read .log and .tmp files that are already stored on the memory card, to update them with the corresponding day, month or year, and then to save them again on the card. The programming manual of your cab printer provides more information on these commands.

Download the programming manual at:

See the following label samples with serial number resets:

Double sided labels

You want to print a label on a double sided printer?

In this case, the label width needs to be defined as the double of the real width. First half of the label matches with the back (verso) of the label and the second half with the front (recto).

Double sided labels

Notice: this « » label is available in the samples folder provided with your version of cablabel S3 Lite and Pro.

Download example file:

How can I change the display order of the prompt fields?

The display of several prompt fields, is simply ordered according to their positions in the layers.

Promt order

This same order will then also be used in the prompt list of cablabel S3 Print, as well as on the printer in standalone mode.

Stand alone

Attention: depending to their embedding, in for example a formula or a query, the order will be defined automatically.

Compound prompts

A compound prompt associates together several existing prompt fields of “form” type, which will then be displayed in a single input area.

Compound prompts

In order to use this new possibility, you need:
1) To insert a compound prompt through the wizard
2) Then to associate it the different prompt fields created previously

Compound prompts

Notice: to access this feature, you need cablabel S3 Pro version or above. More information is also available in the Operator’s manual of software.

GHS pictograms

You want to insert symbols according to the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals?

In this case, you can use the pictograms in PNG format, installed with cablabel S3 into the picture gallery at following location

  • The « Complete » folder holds the pictograms already assembled.
  • The « Partial » folder holds each object separately, allowing you for example to build your own pictogram.

GHS label

Notice: with the cablabel S3 Pro version, these pictograms are also provided in SVG vector format.

This “” label is available in the samples folder provided with your version of cablabel S3 Lite and Pro.