New: Demo version cablabel S3 Pro available

To download the demo version follow the link below. We will send you the activation key for this version within two working days.

These are the differences between the full- and the demo version.

  1.   The demo version runs for 30 days and can only be activated one time.
  2.   In printout graphics are crossed out and in the text some characters are replaced with “X”.
  3.   You can only print 10 labels at a time.
  4.   It is not possible to open cablabel S3 Pro labels.
  5.   The J-Script viewer is not available.
  6.   Saving to memory card is not possible.

The labels you created in the Demo version can be open and edited in the Pro version.

Load a J-Script File (*.LBL) in cablabel S3 Pro

It is possible to import a J-Script file ( *. LBL) in cablabel S3 Pro.This function offers you serveral possibilities.
You can load a label from a memory card or you can load a print file which was generated by a Windows driver or a labelling software.

The quality of the label depends on
1.) The LBL file.
When text fields with TrueType fonts are images fields, cablabel S3 can only import an image field that can’t be changed.

2.) The used functions.
cablabel S3 is able to import: text, bar codes and images, counter, easy variable and linked fields.
It is not able to import: data base, date and time fields, formula and serial number.


NEW: cablabel® S3

cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Karlsruhe, Germany announces the release of the in-house development cablabel® S3. Our goal is to concentrate the label design, print control and monitoring of all cab marking systems into one software package. The software will also be in sync with future developments of new devices and features.

cablabel® S3 features the full potential of the cab devices like no other available software: the software utilizes the JScript code to the full extent. cablabel® S3 Pro can imports existing JScript files, so you can switch over from R2+ seamlessly. With the new layer technology the user designs a label which works for all established devices and resolutions. The intelligent print control evaluates the device and label parameters to reduce possible sources of error.

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