Marking allergens according to EU regulations

The new EU regulation 1169/2011 for food labeling will become effective on December 13. For more information please see the web site of the European Union.

The regulation focuses especially on allergens. These have to be highlighted in the list of a product’s ingredients and substances – for example in bold, italic or colored.

cablabel S3 Screenshot

cablabel S3 Pro offers the possibility to determine “key words” and assign a certain markup to them. While loading the ingredients list from a data base into your label, the software checks these terms according to your list of allergens and marks them as defined by your settings.

Particularly useful: The whole list of ingredients can be implemented as continuous text in a text module. If you assign a certain row width to your label, cablabel S3 Pro adjusts the list of ingredients automatically – including syllabication!

To use this feature you need cablabel S3 Pro version Please notice: to update the program you need to activate the software once more. This additional activation is for free.



New: cablabel S3 Print version available

cablabel S3 Print is provided for users in production or warehouse. The user interface is simplified and makes only those functions available which are required for label print: You select the label in a list and get the layout for visual control. Then you enter the variable information and the amount you want to print. This simplifies your work and reduces possible sources of error.

Generate a Replace File

Replace files are versatile. You can store your finished label files on the printers and new values ​​can be sent by * .RPL files from a PLC, scales, SAP or other systems.

But how to create a replace files in cablabel S3 ?

This question is clarified by the following download in which you will find instructions with an example for this topic.



Expand the cablabel S3 licence for more users

cablabel S3 can be extended at any time by 1, 4 and 9 licenses.
It is not necessary to reinstall the previous software version.

Just order the required number of licenses, stating your serial number.
After the confirmation of your purchase from our side, install cablabel S3 and activate it with the same license number.

In this way, every cablabel version can be changed from a single user to a multi user version.

New: Demo version cablabel S3 Pro available

To download the demo version follow the link below. We will send you the activation key for this version within two working days.

These are the differences between the full- and the demo version.

  1.   The demo version runs for 30 days and can only be activated one time.
  2.   In printout graphics are crossed out and in the text some characters are replaced with “X”.
  3.   You can only print 10 labels at a time.
  4.   It is not possible to open cablabel S3 Pro labels.
  5.   The J-Script viewer is not available.
  6.   Saving to memory card is not possible.

The labels you created in the Demo version can be open and edited in the Pro version.

Load a J-Script File (*.LBL) in cablabel S3 Pro

It is possible to import a J-Script file ( *. LBL) in cablabel S3 Pro.This function offers you serveral possibilities.
You can load a label from a memory card or you can load a print file which was generated by a Windows driver or a labelling software.

The quality of the label depends on
1.) The LBL file.
When text fields with TrueType fonts are images fields, cablabel S3 can only import an image field that can’t be changed.

2.) The used functions.
cablabel S3 is able to import: text, bar codes and images, counter, easy variable and linked fields.
It is not able to import: data base, date and time fields, formula and serial number.