Install and configure a printer connected to USB

You will use cablabel S3 with a cab printer connected to USB? For this, you need first to :

  1. Install or update your cablabel S3 version.
  2. Connect the printer to computer with provided USB cable.
  3. Switch on power of printer and wait the end of its Plug & Play installation.


Then, it is also necessary to configure the Windows driver :

  1. Edit printer properties, in the list of « Devices and Printers » from Windows.
  2. Uncheck the « Bidirectional support » of USB port from printer.

Printer settings

Notice : It is not necessary to uncheck the bidirectional of port in cablabel S3.

For more information or for an installation without cablabel S3, download the detailed guide :

Faster and easier label printing for production workplaces with cablabel S3 Print

cablabel S3 Print is a software designed for production workplaces concerned with labeling or marking.
It allows opening and printing labels from files created with cablabel S3 Lite or Pro. The interface is simplified and only functions related to printing are available.

After opening a label, the operator does a visual control of the layout and if needed fills out the prompt fields and the quantity to produce before starting to print to the required device. This reduces risk of errors and avoids unintended changes on label layout.

Print diagram

Background image for pre-printed labels

Insertion of a background image in cablabel S3, helps you to place the objects on a pre-printed label, and to have a better preview of final result.

To quickly insert an image :

1) The digital image sizes ratio must match with the label sizes ratio.
2) Then simply insert the image as background in « Stretched » position.

Background image for pre-printed label

Warning : if both sizes ratios are different, the inserted image in label will be distorted.

This « » label is available in the samples folder provided with your version of cablabel S3 Lite and Pro.

To see the full description of steps or for a specific insertion in other positions, download the detailed guide:

Is it possible to create labels in different languages and with special characters?

The answer is: yes. cablabel S3 supports Unicode (UTF-8). With UTF-8 you can enter and print characters of your language but also characters of other languages and special characters.

Characters not on your keyboard you can copy from Microsoft character map. By the way: you can add different language keyboards in Windows. (For more information go to Microsoft support.)

Before printing your label please check if UTF-8 is set for your printer. These setting you find in following menue:

Settings ➪ Interface ➪ Character set


Marking allergens according to EU regulations

The new EU regulation 1169/2011 for food labeling will become effective on December 13. For more information please see the web site of the European Union.

The regulation focuses especially on allergens. These have to be highlighted in the list of a product’s ingredients and substances – for example in bold, italic or colored.

cablabel S3 Screenshot

cablabel S3 Pro offers the possibility to determine “key words” and assign a certain markup to them. While loading the ingredients list from a data base into your label, the software checks these terms according to your list of allergens and marks them as defined by your settings.

Particularly useful: The whole list of ingredients can be implemented as continuous text in a text module. If you assign a certain row width to your label, cablabel S3 Pro adjusts the list of ingredients automatically – including syllabication!

To use this feature you need cablabel S3 Pro version Please notice: to update the program you need to activate the software once more. This additional activation is for free.



New: cablabel S3 Print version available

cablabel S3 Print is provided for users in production or warehouse. The user interface is simplified and makes only those functions available which are required for label print: You select the label in a list and get the layout for visual control. Then you enter the variable information and the amount you want to print. This simplifies your work and reduces possible sources of error.

Generate a Replace File

Replace files are versatile. You can store your finished label files on the printers and new values ​​can be sent by * .RPL files from a PLC, scales, SAP or other systems.

But how to create a replace files in cablabel S3 ?

This question is clarified by the following download in which you will find instructions with an example for this topic.



Expand the cablabel S3 licence for more users

cablabel S3 can be extended at any time by 1, 4 and 9 licenses.
It is not necessary to reinstall the previous software version.

Just order the required number of licenses, stating your serial number.
After the confirmation of your purchase from our side, install cablabel S3 and activate it with the same license number.

In this way, every cablabel version can be changed from a single user to a multi user version.